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Exciting news!! I am slowly getting a new store implemented that will allow you to instantly download your learning tracks! 

It will take some time to get all of my tracks migrated to the new system. For the time being, I am starting with all of my newer tracks, most of which are not even listed on my "Current Learning Track List" page. Over time, the "Buy Now" links on that page, will slowly disappear. When that happens, you can use the new store front and order and download them instantly. I am working dilligently at getting all of my Christmas tracks migrated as we speak (it's all about timimg). For those of you that are  technologically challenged, you will have an option to order those same tracks as a physical CD, in the store. Just make sure that you place you order for the correct product (just look at the graphics, they are pretty easy to find). There will be samples of each and every one of my tracks in the store as well. All of this is very exciting! Probably the best thing to happen as a result of the new store is that it is pretty much self service. I will ALWAYS be available for any technical issues. 

Enough explaining! Click HERE to open the new store. 



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